Some of these cheap chrome hearts are on sale across the country in stores Aldo and Ardene. A the issuance of CBC Marketplace investigation revealed that some chrome hearts produced in China contain dangerous levels of cadmium. It is a toxic and even carcinogenic metal when it is swallowed or put in the mouth, that are often children.

chrome hearts

Researchers from the University of Toronto and the Montreal analyzed some – one of these jewels and found concentrations of cadmium ranging from 10 to 6,000 times what is allowed by Health Canada in products intended for less than 12 years.


Health Canada regulates the amount of cadmium for jewellery intended for children. chrome hearts on sale. Cadmium chrome hearts are not dangerous if they are just doors.

China and Europe, for example, prohibit the use of cadmium in all their jewels, even if more than half of the chrome hearts sold in the Canada are produced in Yiwu, China. chrome hearts jewelry collection, Manufacturers use cadmium even if they are aware of the risks to health because, according to them, this metal is less expensive than others, such as copper or steel.

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Ardene has already done five reminders of chrome hearts containing lead or cadmium.

The company claims that the objects analysed by the University of Toronto and the Montreal are not intended for children, but that it will still conduct an investigation.

Health Canada, however, chrome hearts jewelry collection, wants to go further and the Department sent inspectors to discuss with Aldo and Ardène of laboratory results. In the meantime, these products are always available in-store.