As usual on the decent sites, you first need to tell the story of the creation of the brand.

The story is this: Brand ‘ Chrome Hearts ‘ is a symbol of luxury living-was founded in 1988-m fan of motorcycles on behalf of Richard Stark (Richard Stark).

The brand specializes in high-end silver jewelry; leather garments, such as jackets; and accessories, handmade of exotic tree species, chrome hearts online with Gothic Rock motifs.

Who prefer this brand?

Chrome Hearts ‘ preferred: ‘ ZZ Top ‘, ‘ Rolling Stones ‘, ‘ Aerosmith ‘, ‘ Guns N ‘ Roses ‘, ‘ L’Arc-en-Ciel ‘, ‘ Luna Sea ‘, ‘ Dir En Grey ‘ and ‘ Bon Jovi ‘.

The ranks of fans of the brand hit and Tom Cruise , Brad Pitt , Ricky Martin , David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Ashlee Simpson, Lenny Kravitz and Cher.

In the large family of products Chrome Hearts is not only a collection of frames and sunglasses, but also leather handicrafts, for example, jackets, jewelry and accessories, ranging decorated caps for lipstick and lightly classic buckles for belts, which are decorated with precious stones, gold and Platinum.

Chrome Hearts products decorative items made of Silver 925 fineness or received gold (20 micrometre layer 12-karat gold)

Front end points can include lining of 12 karat gold or gilding 20 microns thick (we tried to cover the maximum gold square)

Chrome Hearts decorative elements are manufactured using special jewelry technology, known as the “lost wax casting”

Chrome Hearts cooperates with Zeiss Vision Group and uses produced her sunglasses lenses in their lineup points.

All Sun lens Zeiss are the newest high quality coatings that provide reliable protection.

Sun lens Zeiss are the best optical performance for their production are used high-quality and durable materials, making these lenses provide the most robust protection for the eyes and vision.

Zeiss lenses, thanks to their optical characteristics and special processing technology, provide sharper vision.

All sunglasses Chrome Hearts, which are released after the 2008 year, each lens has a barely noticeable engraving in the form of the letter “Z”. On this basis, the buyer can verify that it really Chrome Hearts sunglasses with Zeiss lenses

Engraved with the letter “Z” also shows that the characteristics of the lenses meet the requirements of the most demanding quality standards

Chrome Hearts company uses stricter quality criteria than offered in the international standard for sunglasses lenses

Each rim during transport is supplied with a certificate of authenticity that validates the inserted in her lens Zeiss